Major Rtd. Lucy Mukuria

Major Rtd. Lucy Mukuria

CEO/Founder True North Society

Professional Profile Counseling Psychologist- Building on the human spirit

My name is Lucy Wairimu Mukuria, 39 years old. I am a mom and, career psychologist. I am the pioneer military psychologist of The Kenya Ministry of State of Defense. I resigned my commission at the rank of a Major to advocate for Kenyan veterans and their families. My personal and professional motto is, “purpose by building on the human spirit.” I do this under the banner of the non-profit True North Society. Our mission is to lead the way through action, to pay our veterans back for their service by ensuring war wounds do not limit their life experiences and tragically, their life expectancy.  Moreover, I am an avid cyclist and runner. I am a top 40 under 40 Women in Kenya 2016 recipient, holder of the Constitution medal, an Acumen fellow 2014, an Amani fellow 2017, author of the Children’s book series Mutenyo and Friends- Persevering Traditional Play. In addition a singer, song writer and producer of the song ‘Where is the recognition. Furthermore, I am a farmer, a thought leader in mental health wellness and a knitter.

Presentations and Panel Discussion: Informing Policy and Strategy

Room Tsavo B

Informing Policy and Strategy: Mental Health Data and Implementation Science and Research Moderator: Major Rtd. Lucy Mukuria, Military Psychologist, CEO/Founder, True North Society Panelists Prof David Ndetei, Founding Director, Africa Mental Health Foundation (AMHF) George Githua, MoH Jacinta Sila, MHPSS Coordinator, World Vision Dr Virginia Smith-Swintosky, Johnson & Johnson Global Program Leader, Mental Health Dr […]

Sub-theme: Mainstreaming mental across sectors for sustainable development
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